First post on Explore BC

The Destination BC blog, called Explore BC, went live this afternoon! And my first post, on my recent trip to Haida Gwaii, is up. Check it out now!

Explore BC post
My first Explore BC post!

About Jessica

Writer. Hiker. Word nerd. Outdoor explorer. Yogi. At home chef. Social media & marketing communicator. Recent RRU communications MA grad. Writing about social media, cooking and the outdoors in northern BC, Canada.

2 thoughts on “First post on Explore BC

  1. I used to live in PG and my parents took us to the Queen Charlotte’s as teenagers. I don’t remember much about it, but some parts you mention ring a bell.

    I’d love to return now that I’m older and would appreciate it more!

    Lovely post!

    1. Thanks Cathy! I highly recommend going back! It was fantastic. I’d like to go back again for a longer period and spend some time camping on the beach. :)

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